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CTV Company


CTV was founded in 1998 with the idea of providing solutions for those PROJECTS in the elevator world, which given their characteristics, require a specific design and development. Our goal was to offer job specific solutions, which has today become a reality.

From SPAIN we supply to any part of the world complete lift packages, platforms, goods lifts, refurbs, modernisations, components and spares. We currently work with PRODUCTS from the most important European manufacturers, always looking for the best relationship between price and quality.

CTV is synonymous with SERVICE, quality, innovation, and commitment to our clients. We look after everything, from the quotation right up to the delivery of the material, with our quick and efficient procedures in your language.

CTV extends its task of service and commitment to the social field, collaborating with "Ayuda en Acción" and their programs for integral development by sponsoring twenty one children of different nationalities. We also work with the NGO “Etopia Viva (Ethopia Alive)” improving the quality of life for children in this part of Africa. For further information about this project you can visit the organisations blog at http://etiopiaviva.blogspot.com.es/.